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the paints

Well in short, The Paints are three guys playing few instruments, trying to make it sound right. They make their music as simple and as honest and direct as possible. Sometimes, you might say, it's done with a bit of "rocking blues twist" and sometimes it's something completely different. Constant changes of frequent feelings, silly moods, twisted views, crazy love/s and mighty hate/s or, in general, of Life is what inspires them. Hear it out sometimes. You might like it, sometime. Till then, Music on... Cheers!

Our sixth single is out and it is, oh well, a bit, how do you say it. . . . melancholic. When one feels empty as a drum . . . or foggy and cold like winter night. . . .and one wants to share it . . . in a song form . . . then one gets . . . . Melancholy* (CAREFUL: it burns after you've listened it for about dozen times)

21 / 10 / 2021 Our fifth single is out! Marshmallow fight is . . . what it's all about :)

09 / 7 / 2020 Our fourth single is out! Sweet Little Mountain is a nonreligious prayer with erotic elements:)

06 / 12 / 2019 Our third single is out! We believe that there are two main types of songs: the ones that make your hips, legs and the whole body move, and the ones that make you cry behind the kitchen sink. This one is for crying behind the sink.

20 / 09 / 2019 Our second single is out! A complete Love/Life story in 3:53 min :)

Can a man fight for the things/places/people he/she wants to have/go to/be with or is it all about trying not to struggle, but to accept and understand?

Grigor Bartolec

Guitar & Vocals & Lyrics

A true pack leader, band pater familias, music bringer, idea finder, all in all genuine band homo universale;)

Josip Pavlović

Vocals & Bass

Band's voice in the night, a true thinker, music lover, original vintage spirit and good luck charm bringer;)

Marko Vucelja

Drums & Perc. & Lyrics

A twitchy element of surprise, a real non/silent nervous rhythm making dismantled machine, a music cup-holder and vice versa:)

Sa 4. singlom zaokruženo 1. EP The Paintsa

Osvrt portala na 4. single sa našeg 1. EP-a

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Music corner i Elegy

Elegy našla mjesto i na Music corner-u. Paintsi zahvaljuju!

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Elegy na Soundguardian-u

U okviru najava novih izdanja Soundguardian obznanjuje 3. single Paintsa

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"Elegy" - the third single from The Paints! [PRESS RELEASE]

We released our third official single "Elegy"! Hear it out! It came from within;)

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Our second single  "Love Is Gonna Come" [PRESS RELEASE]

Love Is Gonna Come is a upbeat energetic blues song with a vintage-modern twist!

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Interview with The Paints on URBIS!

On the evening show of Croatian Radio HRT1 Split our second single "Love Is Gonna Come" was added to "URBIS" singles chart!

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The Paints ON AIR on "Blues For You" Radio Show at Radio Križevci!

On radio show "Blues For You" (12.11.2019.) we were introduced with our first single Not My Circus (Not My Monkeys) and inteviewed on the next show!

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"Love Is Gonna Come" came first on RADIO 101 singles chart!

On RADIO 101 singles chart ("Cener") our second official single "Love Is Gonna Come" came first, four weeks in a row!

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"Love Is Gonna Come", our second single came first on music portal singles chart!

"Love Is Gonna Come", our second single came first on music portal singles chart!

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"Love Is Gonna Come"  came first on!

Our second official single "Love Is Gonna Come" came first on music portal singles chart this September!

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